Young Conservative Federation

Mission statement

Young Conservative Federation is an association of like-minded Conservatives working together to identify, educate, and deploy the next generation of Young Conservative Leaders.


Young Conservatives need a place on campus where they can come together, away from the Radical Professors and Marxist Curriculum. Young Conservative Federation brings together conservatives of all backgrounds, majors, and opinions under some umbrella so that they can find community with like-minded patriots looking to navigate the cesspool of college indoctrination.


When it comes to combatting Marxism in the classroom, Young Conservative Federation is the premier place for Young Conservatives to cement their beliefs and develop their skills. YCF connects members to resources and works to to develop their skills as writers, activists, and conservative leaders.


Young Conservative Federation is a resource and a network for members. We want our members to be at the tip of the spear and leading the charge in the Conservative movement. At the chapter level, YCF chapters engage with local grassroots groups to make a difference in their local community. YCF members graduate prepared to make a difference in Texas Politics.